Hanson Formpave Paves its 28th Tesco Superstore with Aquaflow Permeable Paving

Hanson Formpave, a leading manufacturer of standard and specialist concrete block pavers, has supplied its leading Aquaflow™ permeable paving to a new Tesco superstore at Silverburn, Glasgow. A total of 9500 square meters of paving has been installed throughout the site, providing the paved car park area for the superstore.

The new build was a high profile project in the area, spanning a vast 4.6 hectares, to provide a state-of-the-art food and non-food retail facility with extensive parking in an urban location. Tesco and consulting engineers, Goodson Associates, approached Hanson Formpave with the requirement to develop a car park area that utilised a permeable paving system to clean the water and control its discharge in a sustainable manner.

“The Hanson Formpave system has met all of Tesco’ requirements. The proven permeable paving system coupled with the company’s expert technical knowledge and reliable service made them the supplier of choice for this project. The Aquaflow system investment competes effectively with that of a conventional drainage system as it precludes the requirement to incorporate the gullies, drainage pipes, drain runs, oil interceptors and silt traps and flow control mechanisms that are needed in traditional drainage processes. The result is a high performance, environmental paving system at a competitive price,” said Kenny Blackwood, Managing Director at Goodson Associates.

Tesco specified a high performance surface that needed to perform as a car park, a surface water drainage system and a roof water drainage system, whilst also having a visually attractive finish. There were a number of stringent criteria that had to be met:
 The system implemented was required to attenuate surface water and roof water, before releasing it in a controlled manner, so as to eliminate flood risk.
 The site had total discharge restrictions of 70 litres per second, so any system implemented could not exceed this discharge rate. With the Hanson Formpave system rates similar to greenfield run-off can be readily achieved if required.
 It was specified that oils and hydrocarbons must be removed from the surface run-off before final discharge. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) confirmed that oil and silt interceptors were not required with the Hanson Formpave Aquaflow system, as it catches all silts and degrades oils.

“We are delighted with the result of the Aquaflow permeable paving; it has delivered significant environmental benefits in the car parking area of our new store whilst looking aesthetically pleasing. Another significant advantage is its ease of maintenance, it requires a mechanical suction brush twice a year and little other attention. Because the design incorporated a Cornish Ecogranite Aquaflow block for demarcation, we won’t even need to repaint white markings on the area,” Paul Feehan, development manager at Tesco.

The Hanson Formpave permeable paving system is a proven system that has been widely accepted by SEPA and extensively used by Tesco in Scotland. The Silverburn store is the 28th Tesco site in the UK to utilise the Hanson Formpave system, as a result of the measured return on investment, proven usability, ease of maintenance and aesthetics.

SEPA has requirements for two-stage treatment, pollutant removal and volume attenuation of all surface run-off water (from permeable and non-permeable areas) and single stage treatment, volume attenuation for roof water. SEPA also stipulates that the costs of construction must be no greater than that of traditional drainage systems. The fact that these requirements are met by the Hanson Formpave system enables SEPA to confidently recommend them as a permeable paving supply for projects requiring their approval.

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