Hanson Formpave Completes 1000th Aquaflow Installation! - Tesco Rutherglen Installs Permeable Paving For Car Parking

Coleford, Gloucestershire, 21st February 2008 - Hanson Formpave, a leading manufacturer of standard and specialist concrete block pavers, has recently completed its 1000th Aquaflow™ permeable paving installation at a new Tesco store in Rutherglen, Scotland. An area totalling 7,000 square meters of permeable paving has been laid at the site, providing car parking for the new supermarket.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and Local Authority Environmental Services Department required Tesco to incorporate a two-stage treatment for surface water from car parks, roads and hardstandings as part of the planning consent for the new store. Hanson Formpave was approached by Consulting Engineers, Goodson Associates, with the requirement to develop a car parking area that utilised a permeable paving and SUDS system to clean the water before releasing it in a controlled and sustainable manner.

“Within the planning permission for this project, there was a requirement for a SUDS system to be provided,” said Kenny Blackwood, managing director at Goodson Associates. “Hanson Formpave’s Aquaflow is known to perform in this environment and provides a method of two-stage water treatment that is approved by SEPA. Tesco has had Hanson Formpave products specified on their projects for about ten years and so it evidently fulfils their site requirements whilst supporting their views on sustainability and protection of the environment.”

The unique Aquaflow SUDS system offers the two-stages of water treatment that SEPA require: water passes through the permeable paving and is cleaned by the inbitex geotextile layer without requiring a separate oil and silt interceptor. This clean water is then stored in the sub base to allow attenuation of discharge when required. Two different types of Aquaflow rectangular blocks were used for the car parking area - Red Brindle and Aquaflow Cornish for marking out parking bays.

Steve Spikes, development director for Hanson Formpave, said, “We are delighted that we have completed the 1,000th order of Aquaflow in partnership with Goodson Associates and Tesco. The unique and proven design has been extremely successful in the industry and with our recent move to the domestic sector, the popularity of our product is set to increase. Sustainability and environmentally friendly living are extremely important issues in the 21st century and Hanson Formpave is proud to supply a system that helps address these challenges.”

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