Hanson formpave announces partnership scheme For its Thermapave Energy Paving System

Hanson Formpave, a leading UK manufacturer of specialist concrete paving products, has announced a renewables energy programme that includes partnering with two sustainable energy solution providers, Cool Planet, part of British Gas, and Radiant Heating Solutions (Radiant).  In formalising its longstanding relationships, the permeable paving specialist offers an unrivalled product to the marketplace; using best in class technology the system is fully integrated, validated and warranted.

ThermaPave is a patented geothermal ground solution that integrates permeable paving with ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology.  Compliant with all future legislation regarding renewable energy and sustainable drainage systems (SUDS), ThermaPave provides an impressive 50% of the points available for Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.  Hanson Formpave has experienced a steady increase in demand for its renewable energy surfacing solution during the last year and with the launch of the Department of Energy & Climate Change  (DECC) Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) confirmed for June 2011, mounting awareness and interest in GSHP has already lead to a record number of impressive schemes being specified and designed for 2011/12.  

Steve Spikes, development director for Hanson Formpave said: “We wanted to be able to offer our customers a proven heating/cooling system, with warranty, one that not only out performs competitor products but utilises superior and proven technology, from the pavers to the impermeable membrane and ground source heat pumps.  By formalising our partnership with both Cool Planet and Radiant we are able to offer a unique, fully validated system that can be specified with confidence, for schemes above and below 20kW.”

Cool Planet
Steve Gray, head of heat pump technologies for British Gas said:  “We recognise that the Hanson Formpave solution delivers a cost effective renewable solution for heating.  Well placed to take advantage of the impending RHI, whilst combining permeable paving SUDS technology with geothermal GSHP, Cool Planet, as part of British Gas, can offer highly efficient turnkey solutions.”

By analysing the peak and annualised loads of a building, and modelling the projected Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of our installation we calculate the amount of ground needed to provide an efficient renewable solution.  Working with the Formpave design team we then create a solution that not only maximises the space but fully utilises the area for both heating and cooling and deliver a compelling ROI, said Steve.”

Radiant Heating Solutions
Commenting on the partnership Nick Critchley, technical director for Radiant said: “We instantly recognised that the ThermaPave system was an exciting opportunity allowing us to further develop geothermal implementation in the UK.  Its ability to extract high yield energy from a relatively small area has opened up a whole new marketplace for geothermal technologies.  With the ever-increasing cost of conventional carbon based fuels more and more people are looking for alternative solutions.  ThermaPave not only enables many more building properties and developments to use a geothermal GSHP system to solve this issue but it is also an accessible, realistic and cost effective product, one that we wanted to be part of.”

Civil contractors, Elite and Fitzgeralds have also received formal recognition as contracting partners for the paving and sub-base installation.  Whilst both Landline and Dance Reeves have been named as the company’s welding partners for the welding of the impermeable membrane.

LEARN MORE at Hanson Formpave">Formpave CPD Event, London
On Wednesday 6th April the Hanson Formpave specification team is giving customers and industry bodies the opportunity to learn more about ThermaPave at its morning workshop, starting at 10.00 for 10.30, the Building Centre, London. Lunch, served at 1p.m, is also available.

Hosted by the company’s specification and design team, speakers and exhibitors include Cool Planet and Tensar, as well as a customer-presented case study.  Visitors can also hear about the benefits of storm water control systems and water harvesting and, the affect this technology can have in meeting the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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