Hanson Formpave Announces Aquaflow Design Guide For Contractors

Coleford, Gloucestershire - 17th March 2008 - Hanson Formpave, a leading manufacturer of concrete block pavers and permeable paving solutions, has launched an Aquaflow Design Guide that directs specifiers and users through the process of identifying the correct component parts for a permeable and SUDS system. This guide has been developed to help engineers build an installation that is fully proven and validated in the working environment.

“In response to customer feedback, we have developed a practical configuration guide that shows contractors the various blocks and component parts for any Aquaflow / SUDS system - from the SC intergrid to the SC membrane, Inbitex Geotextile layer, sub-base to the pavers. It shows how to configure a solution that is proven to work, and more importantly states that every part is fully warrantied,” said Steve Spikes, development director at Hanson Formpave.

Hanson Formpave believes it is the first manufacturer to fully guarantee that all components selected in any permeable paving solution, whether originating from Hanson or a third-party supplier, can be specified with confidence and carry a 12-year warranty. “All too often we hear horror stories regarding poorly specified systems based on a mish mash of components that don’t work together as they should do. With this market feedback and utilising our extensive research partnership with centres of design excellence at Coventry, Edinburgh and Cantabria universities, we have validated all products and processes in our Aquaflow Design Guide so now contractors can rest assured the system is fully tried and tested.”

The Aquaflow system allows rain to infiltrate through a permeable concrete block paved surface into a unique stone sub-base where it is cleaned, by filtration and microbial action, before being released in a controlled manner into sewers or water courses, or infiltrated directly into the sub-grade. Aquaflow paving blocks can be used in conjunction with either tanked or infiltration systems. All of the Aquaflow blocks and slabs provide drainage through vertical channels and allow water through the surface at a rate of approximately 9000mm per hour (9000 litres per m2 per hour).

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