Hanse Haus make £1 million investment in new multifunctional machinery for the factory headquarters in Germany.

Renowned for efficiency alongside quality of craftmanship when it comes to building timber-SIP prefabricated houses, German manufacturer Hanse Haus have recently installed two new multifunctional machines.

“With a focus on low energy, and passive houses, the company plan to build 350 homes this year, and the new plant is set to make the manufacturing of Hanse Haus homes even more efficient”, says Sales Director, Bruno Kleinheinz.  

So how does the new machinery plant operate?  The first new fully automatic computer-controlled machine (a huge 50 metres in length) has 4 large mounting tables that have the capacity to turn ceiling and roof panels up to 12m in length and 2.5m in width, by 180 degrees.  “The machine has a direct connection to the factories electronic data processing unit, thus making the whole manufacturing process more efficient, with higher levels of automation and exactness and a higher average percentage of completed building components in the factory setting”, says Bruno Kleinheinz.

Computer-controlled arms fitted with suction units pull all materials, including rafters, boards and joists from the depot, and put them in place on the machinery.  Not only this but the machine can also cut, nail and screw at the same time, whilst also changing tools as needed. 

The machinery, which was developed based on the latest ergonomical requirements as specified by Hanse Haus, took manufacturer Fa Weinmann, 6 months to build and is said to be one of the most innovative machinery plants in the world.

And, not one of the 320 jobs in the factory will be cut with the introduction of the new machinery.  Instead, employees are needed to monitor the system and fit it with different components like battens, insulation, etc.

Further to this, Hanse Haus have recently installed a new SIPs bonding machine with automatic mixer.  This will make the assembling of SIPs quicker, more accurate and thus, more efficient.  “Where the adjustments used to be done by hand, the new machinery is fully automated to adjust each panel.  It also mixes the waterproof glue and hardener, and has the capacity to brush (rollar coat) 2 USB boards with glue at the same time.  What’s more, there is no waste of materials”, says Bruno Kleinheinz.

To view a completed Hanse Haus, or one that’s currently being built, or to join Hanse Haus at an exhibition or site open day in the UK – please contact Giles Hirst on 07968 117160.  For more information, go to: www.hanse-haus.co.uk

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