HANSE HAUS introduce a new-look Bungalow

Manufacturers of top quality German SIP houses that don’t cost the Earth to build or to run, Hanse Haus have just launched a new-look Bungalow into the UK market. 

“Available with either 2 or 3 bedrooms, Bungalow 114 was originally designed for the German market but with such a modern and appealing design, which is unlike many bungalows in this country, it’s set to be a top product in the UK portfolio of Hanse Haus homes”, says Giles Hirst, head UK sales agent.

Just like all Hanse Haus homes, modifications can be made according to individual requirements.  For example, the compact bungalow can be constructed with a normal pitch roof or even with a hip roof.

All Hanse Haus homes use German SIPs construction.  Unlike English SIPs, Hanse Haus use load bearing posts every 31 cms in the SIP panel, which are also used for electrical and plumbing conduits.

“Our German SIP panels are unique as they’re bonded together using a waterproof glue at 130 ° C. That means that the external OSB boards are bonded to the vertical studs and also to the internal insulation meaning that the insulation will never shrink or settle”, says Giles.

This, in combination with the Passive house standards that Hanse Haus meets, means that the company manufacture top quality homes, where running costs are kept to a minimum.  Hanse Haus build homes for the future.

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