Handy Half-Size Boards Expand Promat’s Product Offering To Merchants

The UK’s leading supplier of passive fire protection materials has extended the range of products it provides to the market by offering alternative sizes of two of its most popular fire protection boards. Promat’s SUPALUX® and PROMAFOUR® fire protection boards are now available in handy half-size sheets - a move which will allow merchants to satisfy the needs of an even wider range of customers.

“Both these board types are extremely popular with merchants and their customers,” says April Knowles, Promat’s Merchant Sales Specialist. “However, merchants were telling us that full-size boards were sometime too large for certain applications and smaller sizes would allow customers to use SUPALUX® and PROMAFOUR® boards more efficiently and economically.”

The new 1220 x 1220mm SUPALUX® boards (available in 9mm and 12mm thicknesses) feature the same strong, lightweight and non-combustible characteristics as their full-size counterparts. Based on over 30 years of proven performance, the boards’ calcium silicate composition provides up to 240 minutes of fire protection, excellent dimensional stability and outstanding moisture resistance - ideal for a wide range of building and fire protection applications.

The 1250 x 1250mm non-combustible, high performance PROMAFOUR® boards (available in 12mm and 15mm thicknesses) are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 1000°C - perfect for use as a wall lining surrounding high temperature, output multi-fuel stoves. PROMAFOUR® boards have a low thermal expansion coefficient, plus low shrinkage, and comply with Building Regulations Part J (Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems).

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