Hamworthy launches BIM objects to aid project planning and design

Leading boiler manufacturer, Hamworthy Heating, has become one of the first boiler manufacturers to offer 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) objects to its customers, recognising the benefits these models bring to major projects.

BIM offers 3D digital representations of buildings and infrastructure where, eventually, information covering every element of its lifecycle – including costs, carbon emissions and maintenance schedules - can be shared between clients, construction teams and facility managers.

Identifying the need for collaboration from manufacturers, Hamworthy Heating is providing BIM objects across its entire Fleet range, which includes all associated metadata, size configurations and pipe kit options.

BIM will allow data exchange between all parties working on a project, clients, consultants, architects, contractors and maintenance organisations, and could include all details of individual components, costs and health and safety information within a single model. This is invaluable for trouble-shooting, clash detection, room layouts and scheduling before work starts on a site, as well as coordinating deliveries to site.

For example, Hamworthy’s BIM objects can better enable the architect to determine the size of the plant room making the most effective use of space. A mouse click on a 3D boiler object could reveal the outputs, efficiencies, dimensions and show clearance zones so that they can accurately match the boiler size to the heating load required and illustrate the available space for heating and hot water plant, particularly important for buildings with limited space.

The unique space saving ability of Hamworthy’s vertical stacking boilers such as the Fleet V can now be shown digitally, via BIM objects, to offer the highest output, on the smallest footprint in the market today.

“Not only do these objects look like the real products, they are parametric with a host of configurable options built in,” explained Chris Lincoln, marketing manager.

“All 47 boilers in the range are included in just four BIM objects, making it easier for the designer to select options and change the output of the boiler without loading a new object into the design. You can create a multiple  boiler configuration and the objects will arrange themselves automatically, including the associated data and pipe kit options. The BIM objects also have built in intelligent feedback to prevent an erroneous specification.

“And, because this is Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) content all necessary connections and data for design and analysis use in Revit MEP systems are included.”

Hamworthy BIM objects can be downloaded from the bimstore.co.uk website, a dedicated BIM library for construction products, where UK manufacturers' content is freely available to all members of the industry for use in their 3D models, or direct from Hamworthy’s website. For customers who are not using Revit MEP Hamworthy do have IFC (a neutral platform) components available, please contact marketing@hamworthy-heating.com.

Hamworthy’s BIM objects have been designed to meet the strict bimstore bible standards and are loaded with extensive metadata is to the Government’s COBie UK 2012 requirements.

BIM is not for everybody, or every project, and so for those customers Hamworthy continues to offer 2D CAD drawings as a matter of course.

Hamworthy covers BIM in more detail in the latest issue of its customer magazine, ‘Boiling Point’. To order your copy and for more information on commercial boiler solutions, tel: 0845 450 2865, email sales@hamworthy-heating.com, or visit www.hamworthy-heating.com.

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