Hamworthy introduce new boiler sequence controller

Achieving good control of multiple boiler installations is essential to meet the demand for high system efficiencies and to exceed the Building Regulations recommended minimum standards.

To help effectively manage multiple boiler modules, Hamworthy Heating has introduced the Merley, the latest generation boiler sequence controller, which is perfectly matched for use with the leading manufacturer’s latest Fleet boiler range. 

With the Merley, Hamworthy Fleet boilers can be controlled to share the load between multiple boiler modules in the most efficient manner possible.

Using proven, reliable, Siemens controls platform technology, the Merley provides efficient boiler cascade control for up to 16 modules, based on time and temperature requirements.

Supplied fully assembled, the Merley’s adaptable control capability allows integration of the sequence controller with most commercial heating system designs, as a standalone device or as an integrated part of a more dynamic building management system.

With multiple boilers a well established approach to heating commercial buildings, the Merley controller offers numerous control strategies, providing user programmability to suit building occupancy. Time and comfort control, time clock and optimiser, variable or constant flow temperature, night set back and frost protection are all included.

Wireless remote sensors make the Merley easy to install, while the even use of boilers, achieved by the controller changing the lead boiler regularly and preventing re-firing too quickly, reduces wear and tear.

Relaying fault codes from boilers to its display screen, the Merley alerts users when a fault occurs and automatically replaces boilers at fault to provide continuity of heat and comfort.  

While the Merley is primarily a boiler sequence controller, it can also manage the operation and comfort requirements for a single heating zone as well as the production of hot water via a single DHW calorifier.

“Good control of primary heating and hot water plant and distribution systems is a vital part in achieving low energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions,” said Bob Walsh, Hamworthy Heating’s Technical Director.

“In our commitment to improving heating system controls, the Merley controller has been developed with what we believe the principle requirement of any good control system should be, to provide heat and hot water only when and where it is needed and at the right temperature,” he added.

A range of options ensures the Merely can deliver control solutions for a wide range of buildings and heating applications. Matched for use with Hamworthy’s Fleet boiler range, the controller also accompanies the manufacturer’s existing Wessex ModuMax, Purewell VariHeat and Sherborne SE boiler ranges.

For advice on achieving good control of multiple boiler modules, talk to Hamworthy Tel: 0845 450 2865, email sales@hamworthy-heating.com, or visit www.hamworthy-heating.com.

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