Hamworthy Heating's new commissioning offer

As one of the leaders in the UK’s commercial heating and hot water industry, Hamworthy Heating has introduced a flexible and reduced rate commissioning and warranty offer.

Customers who purchase boilers, water heaters and related equipment from Hamworthy now have two options at the point of order. Firstly, they can buy a commissioning package, which is complete with a two year warranty that covers labour in addition to the standard parts warranty. A benefit of this option is that commissioning bought in this way will include a reduced rate.  

In this case the boilers or water heaters will be commissioned by Hamworthy’s engineers who are expert in the products and know exactly how to set up each model for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact.

Alternatively, customers can elect to have the work done by their own contractor.  Under this option the two year warranty only covers parts, and should work be necessary, labour costs will be their responsibility. 

The company’s service manager Russ Walliss comments: “One of the great strengths of our commissioning and warranty package is that the warranty is attached to the product and not the purchaser, which allows the purchaser to transfer the warranty to the end user, meaning both the installer and the end user reap the benefits.   

“The message to our clients whose responsibilities stop at the end of the 12-month defects period is that it’s simple enough to pass over the warranty documents to the end user or facilities manager, responsible for the maintenance of the building. This adds value to the installation because of the additional customer care this delivers. The occupant or facilities manager may be able to save time, money, and be assured that the products are running efficiently, fully warranted.

“It’s a case of Hamworthy Heating showing that it is in tune with the needs of the market and the mood of the country at a time when cost savings are more important than ever.”

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