HAG Industrial Doors at Hinkley Point

As Hinkley Point A power station is being decommissioned, HAG Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Grilles is awarded the contract to maintain its industrial doors as it is being wound down – security is still obviously of paramount importance on the site.

But that’s not the end of the story. Consultation re-opened this week on plans to prepare the ground around the site for the build of a new nuclear power station – Hinkley Point C – the site’s third nuclear reactor.

But, as always when nuclear power is under the spotlight, there is lots of opposition from those living close to the site...although it would seem people care less about this third reactor than they have about previous installations at Hinkley.

Sedgemoor District Council says that the previously packed public consultation events in Bridgwater on EDF Energy's plans have not been as well attended as those in the smaller surrounding villages.

So, are people becoming used to the idea of nuclear energy being produced at Hinkley – do local people have Nuclear Protest fatigue? We’ll have to wait and see.

But whatever happens at Hinkley, HAG Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Grilles will be onsite carrying out maintenance checks and conducting repairs to make sure Site A’s Industrial Doors are in full working order . And hopefully, as the onsite contractor, they’ll also fit all the new industrial doors at Hinkley Point C, when (if?) construction commences once EDF Energy’s plans are passed.

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