HAG Guide to servicing your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles

We’ve already discussed what you need to be aware of, and what you can do, to keep your Industrial Doors, Roller Shutters and Security Grilles in great shape. This instalment of our guide details what your HAG Industrial Door Engineer will do to take that maintenance a step further and keep your Industrial Doors compliant under current legislation and ensure your industrial doors are safe and well.

Maintenance of your industrial doors is essential to ensure you comply with your responsibilities under Health and Safety Act 1974, and that your industrial doors are safe to use.

Generic Maintenance of all rolling shutters, grilles and industrial doors:

Rolling Shutters/Grilles
Level three maintenance – to be undertaken by your HAG Industrial Door Engineer

Your HAG Engineer will undertake certain initial inspections to check for immediate wear and tear:

Inspect the industrial door; hardware; guides; brackets and barrel assembly. They will pay particular attention to the bracket plates which hold the barrel and coiled curtain and report any damage for immediate and urgent repair.

Hardware and tracks
We will check all the fixings, nuts and bolts and will secure and tighten these where necessary and  clean old grease from all the locking bolts and re-lubricate if required.

NOTE: Don’t use grease on securoglide shutters, your HAG Industrial Door Engineer will be able to advise you on what lubrication sprays are available and suitable for your Industrial Door set.

Checks will take place that the doorstops at the top of the guides are not twisted and are always secure and that the bottom rail is always in complete and proper contact with them.

Maintenance of the curtain is essential and your HAG Engineer will conduct a number of checks:

  • Endlocks – checking that these are present and secure
  • Straighten and secure - where necessary
  • Paying particular attention to windlocks
  • Check that the curtain fixings attached to the barrel are safe and secure
  • There is no damage to the top lath
  • Check for free operation of the wicket door (if fitted)
  • Clamping and locking mechanisms
  • Oil the hinges.

If you are concerned about any aspect of the operation of your industrial doors, call your HAG Engineer immediately.

Barrel and counterbalance assembly
The counterbalance is essential to the smooth operation of your industrial door, and we will check it by conducting the following checks:

  • Lubricate barrel/shaft bearings; apply grease
  • Grease hand chain gears
  • Clean the hand chain
  • Check the operation and balance of the industrial door through its full range of movement
  • Gears should run free with no tight spots

If the tension needs altering, your HAG Engineer will be able to adjust this for you – please do not attempt to make any tension changes yourself, just give us a call and speak to an industrial door specialist.

We will check the reliability of all weatherseals and re-secure as necessary.

Electric operators and controls
On speed doors we will check the motor torque bolt assembly –  you will need to make arrangement for this to be changed after every 80,000 operations – your HAG Engineer will be able to advise you.

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