Haddonstone helps restore historic Scarborough Spa

Haddonstone’s cast stone material can be confidently specified in challenging environments, as demonstrated in the recent restoration of the Grade II* listed Spa at Scarborough. As part of a major project, the company was chosen to replace stone badly eroded by decades of exposure to saltwater and wind off the North Sea.

Haddonstone has renovated the intricately detailed parapet around the famous ballroom of the Victorian building, which overlooks Scarborough’s South Bay.

Haddonstone first took moulds from the best remaining examples of the existing sandstone stonework in situ, which were then brought back to the company’s Northamptonshire studios, where plaster models were made from them. The plaster models were then built up and recarved to recreate the intricacy of the original designs before further production moulds were created. Finally, the new Haddonstone pieces were cast from these moulds.

The spa has had an important place in Scarborough’s history since mineral water was first discovered there in the 1600s. This led to the town becoming the first seaside resort in England. The magnificent Spa building was first built in the 1800s and became a popular entertainment venue. It is still used today as a theatre and conference centre and the renovations mean that visitors are able to enjoy the building now it has been returned to its former splendour.

Haddonstone was chosen as a suitable material for this project as dry cast stone was used to refurbish another part of the building 25 years ago and has been performing well. Haddonstone was also able to show the results of a rigorous series of tests conducted by the renowned BRE laboratories showing how the Haddonstone material passed, with flying colours, strenuous Salt Crystallisation and Water Absorption tests.

Restoration and refurbishment is a speciality of Haddonstone who regularly work on listed buildings. Indeed, Haddonstone has been involved with the restoration of prestigious listed properties including Eton College, Waddesdon Manor, Belvoir Castle, Aske Hall, Malvern College and the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. Haddonstone is capable of producing custom-made designs based on originals or architects’ specifications, whilst the company’s standard collection ranges from porticos, balustrading and columns to window surrounds, copings and landscape ornaments.

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