HJ Heinz has installed a ScalewatcherTM system onto a 150mm return line to a Retort Cooker used for pressure cooking container products such as ketchup and soup. The return line recycles water at a temperature of 140°C through the unit.

Until the ScalewatcherTM system was fitted, the Retort Cooker continually scaled-up, increasing fuel costs and requiring continual chemical treatment at a cost of approximately £2,400 per week.

Additional ongoing costs were incurred in labour charges to clean the product containers which had become stained and marked during the water conditioning process.
Within two weeks of ScalewatcherTM being installed, large quantities of scale were being removed daily from the cooker and piping system and within a few weeks the system was completely scale free.

The chemical treatment has now been discontinued and the ScalewatcherTM Electronic Descaling system has provided a payback to Heinz, in less than 3 months, on energy savings and chemicals alone.

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