Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd have recently specified H D Sharman’s Rubberised Plygene Gutterline system to resolve a leaking gutter problem on their colossal maintenance hanger at Manchester Airport.

The building’s two perimeter gutters are positioned over 18m off the ground and can only be accessed with difficulty. What’s more each gutter measures some 73m in length and is almost 1m wide. Just to complicate things further, each one also has 11 syphonic outlets.

The problem was that building movement and temperature fluctuations had caused the steel gutters’ joints to spring, but because they had used the Gutterline system with great success on other buildings, Monarch were confident that the made-to-measure liners, which create a seamless ‘gutter within a gutter’ would be the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Rubberised Plygene Gutterline is BBA approved, tolerates building movement and temperature changes and also carries a 20-year guarantee.

Gutterline is manufactured exclusively by H D Sharman Ltd and both custom made liners were fitted by Leafield Projects Ltd of Accrington using a high reach cherry picker to access the roof. Despite the scale of the task and the difficulties involved, the entire job was completed in just one week.

Following severe weather testing of the Gutterline installation, the leaking gutter problem has been solved and Monarch had no hesitation in congratulating Leafield and H D Sharman on a job well done.

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