GRIPTOP® Sets The Pace With Latest Testing

Iron technology market leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK, part of leading international materials company Saint-Gobain, has completed comprehensive testing of its GripTop® high friction anti-skid access cover range, which has further highlighted the product’s road safety performance and durability credentials.


GripTop® is Saint-Gobain PAM UK’s ductile iron access cover range, which has been engineered to bring together the benefits of ductile iron, high performance bonding agents and resins and bauxite aggregate.  The result being a durable, high friction, anti –skid surface which as the testing has shown, maintains a high PSRV and ultimately prolonged grip over time. Ductile iron has a proven track record as the material of choice for carriageway access cover applications giving many years of service. In areas of high traffic volume, it is not uncommon for standard access covers of whatever material to become polished over time through the abrasive action of vehicle tyres, potentially resulting in poor skid resistance for road users.


The purpose of the testing was to assess and compare GripTop® with access covers in alternative materials and this was commissioned and carried out with independent NAMAS accredited provider Ceram of Stoke-on-Trent in accordance with the methods stated in HA104/09 which references the testing requirements as stated within BS:9124:2008.


Paul Thompson of Saint-Gobain PAM UK said:  “GripTop® was originally developed and launched in 2008 to improve safety for road users.  The range also meets the requirements of the HA 104/09 standard, which was introduced by the Highways Agency in 2010 to ensure access and manhole covers installed provide a high quality surface and grip level.


“Based on an average taken from three different points of the access cover after polishing, the results of this latest testing have shown that with an overall rating of 77, GripTop® significantly outperforms even the best non-ductile iron products by nearly 20 per cent. This clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of using our aggregate-coated cover and means that those responsible for specifying products can be reassured and confident in the quality and performance when selecting GripTop®.


“Since we launched this product, it has been specified and installed by a number of the UK’s largest local authorities and utilities as well as making its mark in the private sector.  This recent round of testing undoubtedly further highlights the level of its performance and suitability for making our roads safer for all types of users.”

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