Greenbrook Lights The Way To Emergency Lighting For All

GreenBrook has launched a new range of emergency lighting offering a range of five contemporary design fittings to provide a high quality, practical solution for any emergency lighting application.

For interior installations, the new GreenBrook IP20 Twin Spots emergency lighting unit provides an ideal choice for warehouses, factories, long corridors and high bay industrial areas. Featuring two adjustable 20W halogen spots, the unit provides up to three hours of emergency lighting operation thanks to the two 12V 7Ah batteries supplied. The non-maintained unit also incorporates LED lamp failure and battery charging indicators and replacement batteries are also available from GreenBrook.

The range features two illuminated exit signs: an IP20 Hanging Exit Sign and an IP20 Metal Exit Sign. Designed for interior use, the aluminium alloy-bodied IP20 Hanging Exit Sign unit provides an effective LED exit light and is supplied complete with a double-sided, edge-lit arrow down legend and an Ni-Cd battery pack, providing up to three hours of emergency operation. Replacement batteries and arrow left/right legends to co-ordinate with the unit are also available from GreenBrook. Meanwhile, GreenBrook’s new, single-sided IP20 Metal Exit Sign is suitable for both maintained (M) and non-maintained applications (NM) and is supplied complete with an arrow down legend, and Ni-Cd battery pack and a flicker-free 8W G5 T5 tube. This durable unit with a steel body and polycarbonate opal panel provides up to three hours of emergency operation and both replacement battery packs and arrow left/right legends are available.

Also offered in both maintained and non-maintained versions, the new GreenBrook IP65 bulkhead-style units are suitable for mounting on either walls or ceilings and have hinged gear trays for ease of installation. Both the body and diffuser of these durable, waterproof units are fabricated from impact-resistant, high-gloss polycarbonate and all units are supplied with a battery pack and T5, flicker-free tube. The range also includes replacement batteries and a pack of four emergency exit legends.

Featuring a strong steel body and polycarbonate diffuser, the durable new GreenBrook IP20 Recessed Light is also available in a choice of maintained and non-maintained versions, both of which offer up to three hours of emergency operation. Once again the product is supplied with an Ni-Cd battery pack and flicker-free T5 tube, with additional batteries, a pack of four emergency exit legends and a drop down diffuser also available from GreenBrook.

Comments sales director of GreenBrook, John Bowen: “Our new range of emergency lighting has been designed to offer choice, quality and durability and all units have a fused mains connection terminal. When it comes to emergency lighting, reliability is critical and GreenBrook’s technical attention to detail and thorough quality testing ensure that end-users can be confident that they can rely on our emergency lighting, whatever the application.”

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