Green-tech protecting trees for Castle Howard

Green-tech have been supplying tree protection and care products to foresters and landscapers for over 14 years. Still looking for new innovative products and ensuring customer demands are always met, the team ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the last 12 months Green-tech have supplied a range of tree protection tubes into Castle Howard just outside York. This prestigious & picturesque location takes its tree planting seriously and has a separate Arboretum (the Castle Howard Arboretum Trust), formed between the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew and Castle Howard.

“The tree protection tubes from Green-tech provide protection during the most vulnerable stages, ensuring that more whips and transplants grow to become trees,” says Nick Cooke, Head of Forestry for Castle Howard. “Here at Castle Howard we are in year two of a long term strategic plan to change a proportion of coniferous planting to native oaks on the estate, an important development in British forestry. The tree tubes are vital for the oaks to survive and flourish, providing the protection needed for growth in their early years.”

Green-tech are also a local supplier to Castle Howard, meaning a lower carbon impact from transport.

Green-tech supply a wide range of tree protection tubes, spirals, canes and stakes, including major brands and cost-effective solutions. For a great price and delivery across the UK call our technical sales team on 01423 332100 or order online

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