Green Light for Motorcyclists as Ultracrete Gets to Grips with Road Safety

For many years road safety organisations have campaigned to highlight the dangers of worn chamber covers to road users, in particular those who ride motorcycles. Slipping on a worn manhole cover, especially in wet conditions, can be extremely hazardous and at worst, life threatening.

In an effort to help local authorities and utility suppliers to achieve national road safety targets, Ultracrete has launched three new products additions to their market leading range of high performance materials; Ultracrete CoverGrip – Anti-skid thermoplastic sheets, Ultracrete Instaband ECO – Thermoplastic Skid Resistant Overbanding Tape and Ultracrete ThermoPrime – Primer for Thermoplastic Materials. The products have skid resistant properties which help to reduce the risk to riders as they provide a non-slip finish to many diverse surfaces.

Ultracrete CoverGrip is a self-cleaning preformed thermoplastic anti-skid sheet and primer system for fast anti-skid treatment of in-situ and new road ironwork such as manhole covers. Unlike resin based high friction patch repair material, this product can be applied in winter or summer and cures in 5-10 minutes, It should be used in conjunction with Ultracrete ThermoPrime which will provide an exceptional bond between the metal sheet ironwork and the sheet itself.

Ultracrete Instaband ECO is a self-cleaning thermoplastic, skid resistant overbanding and crack sealant tape. It is designed for application to asphalt roads to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting, which leads to road structural failure. It has an anti-skid PSRV of 60 and SRV of 75. These features also conform to the requirements of S11.7 (SRV minimum of 55) of the specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in Highways (SROH). If application to concrete is required then the area should be primed with Ultracrete ThermoPrime to reinforce the bond.

In addition, these materials, when applied correctly, have a life expectancy 10 times longer than paint thus providing a cost effective retrofit solution.

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