Great Hexpectations

• ACO launches ACO HexDrain® domestic channel system

March 2006 sees drainage specialist, ACO Technologies, launch its new high strength, lightweight domestic channel system ACO HexDrain®. Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene, its superior strength and rigidity is derived from HexTechnology™ - a unique moulding technique that surrounds and supports the channel with interlinked hollow hexagonal sections. With a total weight below 2kg per metre (with its standard grating) ACO HexDrain® achieves a Load Class rating of A15, making it ideal for all domestic and light traffic applications.

Supplied on a standard pallet of 117 (total) 1metre lengths, ACO HexDrain® is supported by a full set of accessories that are designed to deliver maximum versatility, installed performance and finished appearance. The ACO HexDrain Accessory Bag contains two end caps, a vertical outlet connector, a leaf guard and an installation guide. There is also a four-way connection unit that allows easy corner installation and grating options include standard black plastic, ‘metallic effect’ plastic and galvanised steel. “The hexagon is one of nature’s strongest structures – it provides exceptional rigidity and load-bearing qualities with minimal use of materials,” says Rob King, Technical Product Manager at ACO Technologies. “Developing our new plastic channel around this structure has produced an exceptional system that is easy to handle, cut and install and which produces the finished performance and appearance that contractors demand.”

Clip connectors at the end of each 1 metre length allow longer runs to be easily created – a cutting guide on the base indicates the half metre point if needed. Cast into the base are eight ‘punch-out’ rings that allow the outlet connector to be positioned at any location along each channel length. There are also helpful installation guidelines stamped on the underside of each channel. “ACO HexDrain® fits into our expanded range of domestic landscaping and drainage systems and will help stockists capitalise on the growing refurbishment market,” says Rob King. “We will also be supporting this launch with a new training module that will be available through ACO Academy - our dedicated merchant training resource – which will help stockists take full advantage of these latest products and technologies.”

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