Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface Material: Battle of the Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to deciding upon the material for a kitchen worktop, the overriding decision quite often leans on aesthetics and personal preference. Conversely, there are actually numerous factors one can, and should, take into consideration when selecting the perfect kitchen worktop, relating to everything from the ease of installation to their individual durability.

Three of the most common kitchen worktop materials are granite, quartz and solid surface material. Granite is quarried naturally as a large chunk of stone and subsequently cut, shaped and polished to form a worktop. Quartz worktops are essentially constructed from crushed quartz combined with resin, which can subsequently be manufactured in numerous different shades and patterns. Finally, solid surface material is something of a vague description, but is taken to refer to acrylic and polyester blends which can also ultimately be shaped and shaded.

Granite Worktop


Granite is a fantastically durable material from which to create a kitchen worktop. Like any material, if subjected to heavy abuse it could well chip, but for kitchen implementation and with proper maintenance, a granite worktop promises to even outlast its owner! Quartz offers a similarly strong solution for a kitchen worktop and only requires a little more vigilance when it comes to nuisances like wine stains and spillages, cleaning them up as they happen.

Much like quartz and granite, solid surface material worktops are also non-porous and excellent for food preparation. While they are also durable, they can become scratched or burned comparatively easily, meaning that they can need to undergo a little bit of maintenance to return them to their former glory. Fortunately this can be undertaken with a little bit of sanding to buff the scuff out.


These solid surface material worktops are perhaps the most malleable in terms of style and shading. With dozens of different edge profiles to choose from and innumerable textures, patterns and colours, they offer an incredibly versatile kitchen solution to meet any homeowner’s design needs. Both granite and quartz are a little more difficult to shape due to their solid, heavy nature. While the quartz-resin-combination can be mixed in such a way as to come in a range of colours, granite is very much set by the cut of the rock. As such, even if you were to order a sample, the overall appearance may differ somewhat; although this could be argued to be part of granite’s natural charm.

Quartz Worktop

Ease of Installation

Starting with the most simple to install, solid surface materials are significantly the easiest, having an ergonomic design specific to the task at hand; when these are installed correctly, there should be little indication of the seam between sections. Both granite and quartz must be installed professionally due to their heavy nature; being constructed from natural rock, the weight of a quartz or granite worktop is significantly greater. The seam between installed quartz surfaces can unfortunately be visible, although it is made a little less visible if the slab is a darker shade. Conversely, the granite worktop will essentially always show the seams due to the natural veins and colours of the stone being used. Once again, this can be argued to be part of granite’s overall attraction.

Impact on House Price

Where solid surface material worktops are something of a standard, adding a stone worktop will absolutely add value to your home. There are many renovations to a home that up its value, but either a granite or quartz countertop can actually offer you a return on investment. A stone worktop is considered something of a status symbol, acting as a focal point to an abode and even attracting home buyers when you are selling.

Solid Surface Material Worktop

When it comes to selecting between the aesthetics of a solid surface material worktop and either quartz or granite, it is of course down to personal preference. Each material boasts a range of advantages, such as the solid surface worktops and their malleability and the durability of both a quartz or granite countertop – such as the high quality quartz and granite worktops from Granite House.

There is no substitute for upping your house value with a quartz or granite worktop. Not only do they add an incredibly durable solution for a kitchen worktop, but they also hold an unrivalled natural charm that promises to deliver both beauty and durability for years to come. While solid surface material worktops can deliver the versatility that many require to remain in keeping with a certain home design theme, the stunning natural aesthetics of a quartz or granite worktop sit perfectly alongside whatever unique chic your home may present.

Granite House have over 30 years experience supplying, fabricating and installing natural and engineered stone surfaces. With a reputation for quality and dedication to innovation, they offer an unparalleled level of workmanship with a commitment to providing only the finest customer service.

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