Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

With the recent rise of graffiti as an expressive art-form and ‘artists’ such as Banksy hailed as pop culture heroes – his short film ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ has even been nominated for an Oscar this year – are we legitimising vandalism?

It costs around £850million to keep the country’s streets free from litter and graffiti, with whole communities being ‘terrorised’ by graffiti artists vandalising private property on every high street in Britain. In Brent, London, a ‘vandal’s’ work has cost tax payers more than £1800 and the ‘offender’ was given a three year ASBO – tough enough?

So it seems for every person who calls it art, there is a property owner scrubbing walls and calling it vandalism.

If you own commercial property which is ‘tagged’ – how can you protect yourself?

Security shutters, grilles and industrial doors are the perfect way to protect your shop fronts – they are secure, economical and look good. But if you’re the victim of a tagger, how do you protect your protection?

There are several solutions, one of the most effective being a range of high quality, high spec powder coatings you can use to treat your security shutters, grilles and industrial doors. In fact, these coatings have a wide outdoor use and can even be used for architectural applications, including street furniture.

Polyurethane powder coatings are specially formulated to have superior anti-graffiti properties and when combined with the correct cleaning practices can leave all your outdoor surfaces graffiti/art free – depending on your outlook!

Part of only a small group of companies that work with the top manufacturer of these coatings, HAG UK Ltd, is part of the ‘Service First’ team distributing and applying coatings manufactured by Akzo Nobel.

So, if you have a problem with vandals, graffiti artists, taggers or spray painters, maybe you should get in touch with HAG and discuss how Anti Graffiti Powder Coatings can help protect your business property and your bank balance.

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