Gradient goes round the bend for new Nottingham community centre

Gradient Flat Roofing’s position as the UK expert in tapered, single-layer roofing has been highlighted by the company’s role in an impressive new project for Nottingham City Council. Gradient provided a combination of site surveys, technical assistance and a bespoke, curved insulation solution for the unusual new roof of the refurbished Community Centre building at Robin Hood’s Chase. The result is a new green roof which combines attractive styling with excellent thermal insulation.

The 10-year old building’s original green roof was suffering from damage and water penetration, leaving a complete strip and re-roof as the only option. 52 tonnes of soil, roof system and decking were removed before repairs could be made to the roof structure. “This was a challenging project as the roof has a very distinctive S-profile,” comments Gradient’s Richard Milward. “We worked closely with the other parties involved to create a bespoke series of single-layer PIR insulation boards bonded to a 3mm universal facing. We then grooved the boards at regular intervals on the reverse side which allowed them to flex and follow the varying curves that the roof presented.”

Having pioneered the use of single-layer tapered insulation systems for over 25 years, Gradient was able to produce the bespoke insulation boards under controlled factory conditions. Each one was designated for installation on a specific location on the roof which reduced the time and work required for the installation phase. It also helped ensure that the new roof is significantly more thermally effective than its predecessor and able to satisfy all Building Regulation requirements. IKO PLC’s Systems Torch-on Underlay was applied in a full bonded application to the universal facing of the lamella insulation, laid to ensure that the new roof was fully watertight. This was followed by IKO’s Permatorch Anti-Root, a torch applied cap sheet with anti-root properties, then finally IKO’s extensive green roof system was installed for a sweeping and pitched roof construction.  IKO Superlight roof lights were installed to complete the roof.

“The alternative of using a multi-layer roof which would have to be built up and bonded, layer by layer, would have required far more on-site work, especially as there were some steep curves and numerous rooflights to be accommodated,” adds Richard. “The versatile nature of our single-layer insulation also meant that the required falls could be created in each area of the roof so that reliable rainwater run-off performance could be provided.”

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