Gradient flat roofing puts single-layer system benefits into print

A new brochure from Gradient Flat Roofing explains the advantages of its single-layer tapered roof insulation solutions. It outlines the tremendous flexibility of design which this system allows and highlights the wealth of expertise which the company has amassed over the past 25 years.

Gradient’s single-layer tapered roofing solutions are manufactured in the UK to create an individually tailored solution for each project. The company works closely with customers to design and manufacture the most efficient, economical and cost-effective systems and the brochure explains how customers are supported at every stage, from initial consultation through to installation.

Details are provided of the benefits of single-layer systems, such as the ability to manufacture under controlled factory conditions, easier installation, superior bonding, plus less need for skilled labour on-site.  The various material combinations available from Gradient are also outlined – including Cork/PIR, Plywood/PIR, Gradient Eurothane and Powerdeck F – and these underline the suitability of single-layer systems for a wide variety of applications.

The many industry landmarks which Gradient has achieved are also included, such as the creation of pre-cut mitres, the use of single-layer sections and the development of composite Rock/PIR insulation. The publication also emphasises how Gradient places personal service at the heart of every project, which enables the company to satisfy the most exacting technical standards while also exceeding the customer’s expectations.

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