Gradient comes out on top of complex roofing project

An intricate project to re-roof a primary school in London has highlighted the comprehensive nature of the services available from Gradient Flat Roofing. The company’s single-layer tapered insulation proved to be perfect for the new 500m” roof, which was created for the Walker School at Southgate in London.

“The original roof had been designed in various sections, each of which functioned as a small roof in its own right. These had failed badly and a bold new solution was required,” explains Gradient’s Phil Riley. ”We were invited to get involved right at the early stages of the project and that gave us the opportunity to redesign the individual mini-roofs so that each one incorporated the falls it needed to drain effectively, but also functioned properly within the context of the roof as a whole”

The design of the building meant that once exposed, the roof trusses changed the structure from a single roof to several individual roofs with their own drainage and design issues.  This required each roof to have its own tapered scheme, which in some cases had to work in tandem with an adjacent roof.  This enabled the layout of the original roof to be retained while ensuring that water would drain from it successfully.  This was done by raising all the kerbs in timber and cutting through new parapet outlets to drain the roof and eliminate ponding.

Working with roofing contractors Stamford Contracts of London, and waterproofing manufacturer IKO PLC, Gradient provided a full turn-key service for this project right from the initial site survey and design stages through the specification and completion.

“The falls that were required on each small roof were absolutely critical if the overall roof was to function properly,” adds Phil Riley.”Our single-layer tapered PIR insulation offered the ideal way to achieve these falls. The complexity of the various roof sections meant that creating the same end result by building-up the insulation layer-by-layer in the traditional manner would have been virtually impossible.”

Manufacturing the insulation off-site and under carefully controlled factory conditions meant that Gradient could guarantee the accuracy of the falls. Each individual section of insulation was also manufactured to fit a specific location on the roof, creating a genuinely bespoke solution to the project’s requirements.

“We have over 25 years experience in producing these types of single-layer tapered insulation solution,” adds Phil. “They offer many advantages such as faster and easier installation plus more accurate and reliable end results. However this project also proves just how flexible and versatile they can be.”

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