Good thermal insulation provides comfort and tranquility for hotel guests

Hoteliers have long know that an atmosphere of peace, quite and general comfort leads to satisfied guests and a popular establishment.

Secondary Glazing is acknowledged as the most effective and cost efficient method of providing noise insulation in bedrooms but, until recently, thermal efficiency has generally been overlooked.

Royal Warrant Holder, Selectaglaze Ltd., the UK’s leading designer of secondary windows commissioned research through the Centre for Window Cladding and Technology to establish just how well secondary glazing can contain heat loss.

The results show that Selectaglaze’s systems can improve the thermal performance of a window by more than 60%. A Carbon Trust survey has shown that Hotels use nearly half their energy for heating so retrofitted secondary windows will offer significant energy savings whilst, at the same time, attending to the comfort of guests.

Selectaglaze has produced literature which explains the results in detail and is offering a free consultation with one of their Technical Advisors for anyone requiring further information or wishing to discuss a specific requirement.

Selectaglaze can be contacted on 01727 837271/fax: 01727 844053/e-mail: or via the website:

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