Going up in the world – zero carbon solar pv powers dimplex offices

Dimplex is now generating zero-carbon electricity at its Southampton headquarters, thanks to an installation of its own solar photovoltaic modules.

The array on the southwest-facing roof of Dimplex’s headquarters is around twice the size of a typical domestic installation, with 16 modules covering 27m2, to give a total output of 3.68kW(peak). It took just two days to complete the installation at the end of August and so far the system has generated 1007kWh of electricity.

The Dimplex modules are now providing income for each kWh that’s generated, thanks to the Feed-in Tariff (FiT). This allows householders and businesses to take advantage of a generation tariff of up to 41.3p per kWh for locally-generated electricity, providing a guaranteed income for 25 years for installations up to 5MW. Higher rates apply at the start of the scheme, so early adopters stand to benefit most.

Clare Campbell, product marketing manager for Dimplex Renewables, says: “When we launched our solar PV range, we saw an installation at our offices as a ‘must-have’ so that we are able to generate our own clean electricity on site, as well as to provide a working system for our installer training courses.”

Dimplex’s PV packages contain polycrystalline modules and all the components required for installation, offering a complete PV solution for residential and light commercial buildings. The modules have a surface area of 1.6m2, which is greater than most modules available, and deliver an output of 230W, with a module efficiency of 14.2%.

Dimplex has developed a software package to calculate what the return on potential PV installations would be through the FiT, given that hours of sunlight vary in duration at different locations around the UK. All users need to do is enter their postcode and the size of their planned installation to get an estimate of revenue potential and payback period.

For more information on Dimplex’s solar PV packs or to get a copy of the software package, call Dimplex on 0845 601 5111 or email marketing@dimplex.co.uk.

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