Go fast with Euramax

Euramax recognizes the benefit of short lead-time as a valuable tool. We have set up a program to decrease throughput time in our facility and that of our key suppliers.
After a year of optimization we are now able to offer you a short lead-time program.


We introduce two different “speed levels”: orders are ready to ship between 21 - 28 calendar days. Short lead-time is possible in a wide range of paint systems and in the following specifications:

Metal Aluminium Alloy 3005 Coil/ sheet

Standard coil Width 1165 - 1295 mm
Thickness > 0.4 - < 2.00 mm
Thickness RF Temp > 0.4 - < 0.80 mm
Temper H42/H44/H46/H48/H48RF

Orders will be ready to ship in 21 calendar days. This program can contain more alloys, but requires personalized logistical agreements. Limited surcharges apply for the programs (between 5-10%).


Scientific research shows the benefit of LEAN manufacturing and Six Sigma analysis for continuous improvement. Last year one of our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt inspired our organisation to focus specifically on speed in our processes. He was inspired by the book “What is Lean Six Sigma”. This explains the value of the speed in processes.

Be inspired; contact your Area Sales Manager for a free copy!

How does shorter lead-time reduce inventory cost? Shorter lead-time will:


- Lower stock levels
- Improve inventory accuracy
- Reduce risk of obsolete stock


How does short lead-time improve operational performance? Shorter lead-time will:


- Increase your service level to your customers
- Increase market responsiveness

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