Glidevale lights up merton

An innovative use of sustainable strategies is enhancing library facilities in London.

The London Borough of Merton has extended the local Pollards Hill Library, increasing its library and community facilities by 30% and simultaneously improving the internal environment and reducing energy bills.

The new, single storey building- opened by Mayor of London Boris Johnson- features 15 of Glidevale’s Sunscoop tubular rooflights strategically positioned to optimise natural daylight within, and enhanced by inclusion of Glidevale’s innovative skyview diffuser which provides an even wider spread of light. Further, electric lighting in the library is linked to solar light switchgear, controlling- and even turning off- the supplementary lighting when not required because of the high light levels created by the roof-mounted Sunscoops.

Martin Nolan, project manager for the development, explained, “It is Council policy to achieve as high a degree of sustainability and energy efficiency as possible, hence our decision to include natural daylight to illuminate the library interior. It also creates a more pleasant environment for people using the community facilities within. The location of the library, surrounded by houses and two storey buildings, meant there would be limited natural light through windows.

“The Sunscoops can bring so much light in that there will be days when we don’t even need any electric lights on: we have employed solar lighting switchgear which monitors the lux level and will turn supplementary lighting off when not required. We had positive comments on the brightness within created by the Sunscoops even before the electric lights were connected!”

Sunscoop comprises a roof-mounted glazed dome which reflects natural light down a highly silvered tube through the roofspace into the room below. The 530mm dia Sunscoops installed at Pollards Hill library each yield over eight times the light of a single 60W incandescent bulb on a sunny day, and over double the amount in the overcast conditions. As a result, Sunscoop helps achieve credits for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) under both Energy and Health & Wellbeing sections.

Glidevale manufactures and supplies Sunscoop in both domed and ‘traditional’ (in-plane) versions, and with a natural ventilation option, Sunscoop iPSV. It is one of the leading brands of tubular rooflights, with installations in domestic, public sector and commercial environments. Sunscoop is just part of Glidevale’s comprehensive range of roofing and ventilation, developed to meet changing marketplace requirements.

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