Glidevale develops range of airtightness solutions

A new concept in helping builders comply with the more stringent demands of the new airtightness requirements whilst addressing the issues of practical construction has been developed by Glidevale, the UK’s leading building membranes and ventilation solutions supplier.

BuildTight™ is a complete range of membranes and accessories, all unique to Glidevale’s proven Protect brand.

Airtightness refers to the control of air leakage by eliminating unwanted draughts/ convection driven heat loss through the external fabric of the building. The BuildTight range covers membranes for roofs, walls and floors, designed to optimize heat retention within, bringing air leakage to ‘best practice’ levels of 3m3/hr/m2 or below. The package further includes accessories to help fix the membranes in place along spans and effectively seal membrane joints, and strategies to achieve ‘well sealed’ ceilings, further enhancing airtightness.

Nick Beswick, Glidevale Sales Director, elaborates, “Our experience in ‘the real world’, backed up by independent research, is showing that however well a building is designed, in reality the ‘as built’ airtightness can be as much as 40% worse than on paper!

“Our strategy has always been to develop innovative yet practical solutions, which help the industry balance legislative demands with practical economics, in ways that as far as possible overcome on-site variations in workmanship and attention to detail. With BuildTight, the industry has a comprehensive range of solutions, all proven in practice, and available from one source, which simplifies the process of achieving that balance.”

Glidevale maintains it is also important to remember that sealing of the building fabric to eliminate air leakage will significantly reduce ‘fortuitous’ ventilation, so the need for controlled ventilation, to provide good indoor air quality whilst preventing harmful pollutants and condensation, increases: the aim is to ‘build tight, ventilate right’.

Glidevale;s sister company Passivent offers a comprehensive range of high quality, fully automatic humidity sensitive passive, mechanical and heat recovery ventilation products and systems to ensure that effective and efficient ‘whole house’ ventilation is provided at all times- the total combined solution.

BuildTight complements the comprehensive Protect range of high performance impermeable and vapour permeable roofing underlays, breather membranes for timber frame construction, cladding membranes, air barriers and vapour control layers, including the latest in reflective technology. The company- part of the Building Product Design Group- additionally supplies roofing and roof ventilation products aimed at providing innovative yet practical solutions to changing market requirements.

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