Glidevale condenses compliance process for NHBC Standards

Housebuilders are being offered a quick and easy way to ensure compliance with new NHBC requirements on roof construction, through a ‘one stop’ package from Glidevale Ltd.

Following the prolonged cold winters, builders and homeowners alike are reporting increased incidence of condensation formation in unventilated roofs relying on vapour permeable membranes only to remove moisture vapour migrating to the roofspace. As a result, with immediate effect the NHBC has updated its Standards to require high level ventilation- as already demanded under BS5250. The Council is also stressing its Standard takes precedence over third-party assessments such as performance certification.

Glidevale, the UK’s leading supplier of roof ventilation solutions, has developed its Ultimate Cold Roof Solution to provide a simple means of meeting the new requirement. The Solution encompasses Glidevale’s VP400 vapour permeable underlay combined with its innovative Fulmetal Rediroll ventilated dry ridge and hip system. The combination delivers the 5000mm2/m of high level ventilation specified in both BS5250 and NHBC 2011 Standard clause 7.2-D11 and S11, with minimal additional material and labour costs, and without any need for additional installation processes or skills.

Glidevale Protect VP400 is a high performance vapour permeable (LR) underlay that is entirely watertight, with independent certification for use in both warm and cold pitched roofs. It is further certified for unrestricted use with regard to wind uplift for all exposure conditions in the UK and Ireland, and does not generate noise under wind loading.. Its three layer laminate construction provides very low resistance to water vapour but at the same time will resist greater than 2m head of water when tested to BS EN 20811:1992 and is unaffected by water based timber preservatives.  Protect VP400 can be used as a temporary weatherproof covering for up to three months.

Glidevale Fulmetal Rediroll is a continuous ventilated aluminium roll with integrated fixing that is simply laid across the ridge to provide ventilation and resistance to driving rain penetration, providing a throughflow of air into the roofspace, avoiding potential damp and condensation issues in the roof void. It design eliminates the need for ridge fillers and unions, fits all tile profiles and slates, and features integral fixings to enable the system to be secured in place on both ridges and hips without any specialist tools.

Nick Beswick, Glidevale Sales Director, observes, “We have always maintained the need to ‘build tight, ventilate right’. What may have been seen as a ‘belt and braces’ approach is now being recognised as the only sure way to eliminate the risk of potentially damaging and costly-to-repair condensation problems, regardless of the airtightness of the roof covering or ceiling.”

Protect VP400 and Fulmetal Rediroll are just part of Glidevale’s comprehensive range of roof ventilation solutions, including ridge to eaves ventilation, plus the Protect brand of vapour permeable and non-permeable membranes. The company specialises in delivering innovative yet practical solutions in line with changing market requirements.

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