Glendyne Natural Slate From Cembrit

Glendyne natural roofing slate is available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK. Sourced in Canada, Glendyne is a high quality slate that combines first-class performance and authenticity, to make it the ideal choice for specifiers and roofers working in the demanding UK new-build and roofing restoration market.


In the UK there is a demand for natural slate with similar qualities to Welsh slate, particularly the blue/grey Ffestiniog.  Glendyne is similarly strong, consistent, easy-to-work and durable and comes with a top quality reputation.  Produced in the town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Glendyne is a distinctive blue-grey and perfectly suited for the UK specifier interested in the heritage and credibility of sourced products.


“Glendyne has earned a reputation as second only to Ffestiniog Welsh slate ,” says Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager of Cembrit. “and in fact has been approved by the Snowdonia National Park authority to be used within the Park which is the home of the Welsh slate industry.”


The Glendyne quarry is one of the most modern slate quarries in the world. The quarry operates a quality management system based on EN ISO 9001 which is externally audited. This standard is adhered to rigidly, as are all quality standard procedures required by each regional market the quarry supplies. Glendyne, like all natural slate from Cembrit, is tested to BS EN European standard, BS EN 12326-1:2004 which requires many of the laboratory tests (‘type testing’) to be performed at least annually and the factory production control (FPC) performed and recorded as a matter of routine by the producer. 

Glendyne is used by;
English Heritage
CADW (environment service of the Welsh Assembly)
Historic Scotland
Snowdonia National Park
Monument Francais


Glendyne complies with;
BS EN 12326-1:2004, Classification A1, T1, S1. CE Marked.
NF 12326. NF Marked.
ASTM Grade S1 which predicts a service life of between 75 and 100 years.
Belgian Standards STS 34.03.6


Cembrit’s product range not only includes natural and fibre cement slates but also comprises ventilation products, shingles, cladding and boards as well as corrugated sheets. The company prides itself in its personal service with its ability to supply both standard and bespoke options to its customers, providing the right solution for a project. To download the brochures and to find out information on all Cembrit products, visit 

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