Glass-to-edge glazing with ES Finestra windows

Windows meet thermal demands; ES Finestra windows, responding to trends in sleek fenestration design and specification, have done away with external framing components. This Glass-to-edge glazing and reduced 20 mm profile is helping future-proof our buildings, reducing points of thermal bridging, providing increased lighting opportunities and sealing the windows metal components within a protective glass outer-sash.

With modern construction trends focusing on the reduction of carbon emissions and energy wastage, passive fenestration systems can be a game changer. ES Finestra knows this, focusing on passive house compliant structural glazing that embodies the functionality of traditional windows. 

Embracing environmentally beneficial demands and structural requirements without relinquishing the dynamic visual impact synonymous with their windows, ES Finestra began specifying a reduced 20 mm frame window in October 2015.

Standard ES Finestra window & sliding door u-value: 0.8 w/m² k

Passive fenestration design in evolution with ES Finestra!

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