Giving developers the edge

Urban Edge is a division of Leaderflush Shapland especially dedicated to giving property developers the edge. In recognition that the needs of sectors such as key worker and student accommodation, hotels and city living are vastly different from others, Urban Edge makes all the difference by offering a complete, cost-effective doorset solution that helps developers realise their unique design vision.

As well as providing an exciting range of doorset design options to suit all budgets and specifications, Urban Edge gives developers complete design freedom by adapting to unique project requirements. At the same time, the products meet the specific performance requirements of the sector, such as independently accredited 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute fire ratings, Secured By Design accreditation and acoustic performance, while ensuring environmental credentials, ISO 14001 and FSC Chain of Custody.

Leaderflush Shapland’s well established supply chain and capacity to deliver also makes Urban Edge the ideal choice for developers. By dealing with one supplier that can offer a complete doorset and architectural hardware solution, the time-consuming processes and inconsistencies that often come with traditional door assemblies are eliminated.

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