Using George Fischer’s Elgef electrofusion and PE moulded butt fusion fittings, to convey water to the new Wembley Stadium’s 2,618 toilets, which Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL) estimate is more toilets than any other stadium in the world, is just one aspect of the contract which puts George Fischer into the ‘plumbing’ record books.

A substantial amount of PE moulded butt fusion pipework was ‘customised’ off-site at George Fischer’s Coventry facility. This made a considerable contribution to reduction of on site working, amount of skilled labour required, shorter contract time and above all helped contain costs.

The decision to use George Fischer’s Elgef electrofusion and PE moulded butt fusion fittings meant that, in designing the system, the mechanical engineers had the choice of a complete, and comprehensive range, of fittings, tubes and couplings, for manual and automatic valves, from 20 to 315 mm, as well as associated control and measurement systems.

A particular advantage of using the range of George Fischer’s PE moulded butt fusion fittings is that it is light weight, reducing the weight on Wembley’s plant room structure and, while being stable at very low temperatures, still retaining its excellent flexibility and chemical resistance.

Design of George Fischer’s PE moulded butt fusion fittings simplifies jointing and helps ensure a perfect joint every time. Therefore mouth entry zones have been designed for easy pipe insertion, with a depth marking, and exact alignment made easier with 45 deg divisional markings. Also to protect the fusion zones on fittings from contamination the fitting is supplied in a clear PE bag.

With an operating temperature range from – 500C to +600C GF’s PE pipe and fittings have high impact strength and, when used with the easy to use, single button control MSA electrofusion joint welding system, provides a guaranteed jointing system.

For the operator the high performance MSA electrofusion jointing system units are not only lightweight, making them more manageable and easier to position, but they are rugged and sturdy. Safety in operator usage is very important therefore the aluminium housing has built-in cooling.

With an exchangeable memory card, and being lighter than other fusion units, GF’s MSA electrofusion units provide automatic recording data and feature a fusion programme which means joint integrity is traceable by means of a bar code system.

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