City Island, a 404 luxury apartment, 13 storey development, in Leeds will benefit from the many advantages of George Fischer’s corrosion resistant Instaflex piping system for water supply such as reduced pipe noise emissions, and improved frost resistance.

With a guaranteed service life of 50 years +GF+’s Instaflex, which has a constant operating pressure of up to 10 bar, was used for risers to supply the three blocks of apartments, in seven core areas, through a boosted cold water main. This was necessary as the water authority could not guarantee a constant pressure to each apartment due to the 13 storey height of the buildings.

With a constant operating temperature of up to 70 deg C, the seven risers, in 63 and 90 mm diameter Instaflex piping system, also pass through an electric thermal store to supply hot water to each of the 404 apartments.

At each floor level the rising main branches to a meter cupboard before subdividing to a metered supply to each apartment, using 40 and 25 mm Instaflex George Fischer pre assembled manifold piping systems for installation within each meter cupboard. These were then insulated with Armaflex to further reduce on site installation time.

Due to its flexibility and light weight delivery the 25 mm diameter Instaflex, in 25 m long coils, not only simplified handling and running the pipework, from the down stream side of the meters to each individual apartment, but also reduced the number of joints and the potential for leaks. This also enabled the Instaflex pipe to be installed by simply uncoiling and then suspending from the basket work in the ceiling voids and securing with plastic electrical ties.

With greater frost resistance than metal pipe systems, and also having a higher thermal value, +GF+ Instaflex greatly reduces the requirement for insulation. Also heat loss is reduced by over 40 per cent, when compared to steel or copper, resulting in greater thermal efficiency and long term operational savings.

Lighter than metal pipes, and quicker to install, +GF+ Instaflex also eliminates the use of any form of naked flame, as used on capillary jointing of copper, which can create a serious fire hazard.

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