GEZE UK launches Architects Hotline

In response to demand from architects for current information on legislative, technical and specification advice, GEZE UK has launched a dedicated Architects Hotline.


The UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window controls is making it even easier for architects to access its expertise, helping raise standards and ensure new or refurbished entrances are as sustainable, accessible and efficient as possible.


As part of GEZE UK’s commitment to customer support, its highly trained team of dedicated technical and specification specialists will be providing authoritative guidance, practical examples and creative suggestions during office hours on 01543 443013.


Sales director Andy Howland commented: “We know that our customers are keen to access accurate and trustworthy technical and legislative advice. Architects are increasingly aware of the numerous functions an entrance or doorway needs to perform, from life safety to energy efficiency, but it would be impossible for them to keep absolutely up to date with every detail required to select the right door operator.


“Footfall, security, heat loss and gain, and access for all are just a few of the considerations our experts will examine before suggesting automatic or manual closers that also meet each architect’s specific design requirements. This new hotline ensures that architects receive a fast, effective and authoritative response from a highly-trained and accredited expert.”

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