GEZE UK is smoking on screen

Helping architects understand the role of effective ventilation in life safety, GEZE UK has launched a CGI video online, which demonstrates how its smoke and heat extraction systems can save lives in a burning building.


Available to view at, the eye-catching 2-minute video is set in a virtual office block and provides a quick and simple explanation of how venting systems can be used. The step-by-step guide shows how GEZE’s smoke and heat venting (RWA) systems can help architects meet the stringent requirements of building regulations and fire prevention legislation, by safeguarding people and the building in the crucial early moments of a fire.


Focusing on the need to get smoke out of protected escape routes as quickly as possible to allow people out and fire fighters in, the GEZE UK system enables the upper floor windows and lower level doors to open simultaneously in an emergency, creating a chimney effect that quickly dispels suffocating smoke gasses.


GEZE UK’s managing director Andrew Hall commented: “Globally, GEZE has an impressive reputation for life safety products and in particular systems for smoke ventilation and we thought it was time to promote this level of expertise and knowledge to architects and specifiers working in the UK market.


“We wanted the online video to be informative as well as visually interesting. I think we’ve got the balance just right and it clearly demonstrates that, with the right products, escape routes can be quickly cleared of smoke giving people vital extra seconds to get out of a building in an emergency situation. It shows how our range of smoke and heat venting systems can be used, but we also have a highly knowledgeable technical team with international experience, who can help advise on the best products for individual projects.”

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