GEZE UK appeals for more frequent RWA servicing

p>The UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems, GEZE UK, is calling for facilities managers and building owners to ensure their smoke and heat extraction (RWA) systems are serviced at least twice every year.


“We’re increasingly finding that RWA systems are being overlooked when maintenance contracts are planned and agreed, but they are integral to life safety in cases of fire,” explains GEZE UK’s service director Steve Marshall.


“Toxic fumes are the single most lethal element of a fire and it takes just two or three breaths of toxic smoke to render a person unconscious. If the smoke and heat are not dissipated, the smoke temperature increases dramatically and visibility is significantly reduced. That’s why we’re working with customers to promote the immense importance of regular servicing to ensure that extraction systems work effectively at the very time they are needed.”


RWA systems use electric chain and electric spindle drives to open upper floor windows and automatic operators to open lower level doors automatically and simultaneously when a fire alarm is triggered. This creates a chimney effect that quickly dispels suffocating smoke gasses. Just as automatic doors need bi-annual services, RWA systems will require the same level of care and attention.


Renowned throughout the global market for its smoke and heat ventilation systems, GEZE is keen to help maintain high standards of specification and maintenance throughout the industry. As part of this commitment, GEZE UK has recently launched a CPD seminar for architects titled ‘Designing Effective Heat and Smoke Ventilation’, which provides the knowledge needed to specify fire and smoke ventilation systems in residential and commercial properties. 


A CGI video is also available online, which demonstrates how smoke and heat extraction systems can save lives in a burning building. Available to view at, the eye-catching 2-minute video is set in a virtual office block and provides a quick and simple explanation of how venting systems can be used.

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