GEZE’s Levolan Is The Leading Light

Bringing light, luxury and a touch of class to any room, GEZE UK’s new Levolan and Levolan SoftStop are the designer’s choice for a sliding glass door system.


For architects and specifiers looking for an elegant and minimalist design, the Levolan brings together glass and a stainless steel track, which is both striking and simple.


The all-glass doors are clamped into the fitting and guided within the track, ensuring the parts are virtually invisible, with just one compact track on show. Available with a stainless steel finish as well as aluminum, the Levolan is exceptionally adaptable, providing a stylish feature for rooms within residential or office environments. 


Highly aesthetic, compact and sleek, the Levolan is also available in a SoftStop version.  By incorporating a special damping system that is totally hidden in the rolling track, GEZE UK has ensured that however hard the door is closed, the impact is controlled automatically, as the mechanism gently brakes the moving door and then softly slides the door into its final position.


Sales director Andy Howland said: “Demand is high for a superior quality stainless steel and glass look so the Levolan should fit the bill nicely. By incorporating all the parts within the single fitting and track, GEZE UK has succeeded in making the doorway a design statement as well as providing an efficient, high quality and durable system. It really is the supermodel of our sliding door range.”

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