GEZE launch burglar resistant door systems

The UK’s leading manufacturer of door and window control systems is launching a burglar-resistant version of its classic Slimdrive SL sliding door system.

The new Slimdrive SL WK2 sliding door system from GEZE UK is fitted with additional components to aid security and prevent damage from vandalism, making it ideal for entrances to banks, dispensing chemists, jewellers and petrol stations. It can also be used internally to protect rooms containing high value equipment or objects.

The burglary-resistant components include a floor guide with a reinforced support angle bracket, which provides anti-lift protection for the moving door leaf and an electromechanical rod lock that is integrated invisibly into the profile system, which can be connected to the building management system or alarm. The system also incorporates an anti-tilt roller carriage, reinforced floor plate and slide protection and access protection.

Designed to prevent opportunistic intruders, the door system is tested to component resistance class 2 (WK2) in accordance with DIN V EN V 1629 to 1630, proving it is capable of withstanding entry attempts with WK2 class tools including screwdrivers, pliers and wedges as well as static and dynamic loads.

Available for straight and curved sliding doors, the door system is part of GEZE UK’s stylish Slimdrive range, where the operators are just 7cm high, ensuring they fit neatly onto any façade framework, perfect for glass facades with slender profiles.

“The Slimdrive SL WK2 is a great example of how GEZE is constantly innovating and responding to the needs of our customers. There is a great demand for an automatic sliding door system that can offer the peace of mind of extra security, so we have invested in the testing of this product to the highest European standards”, says Simon Bowden, operations director for GEZE UK.

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