Get the best out of your flooring products by priming every time

This may seem an easy statement for Ultra Floor to make as a manufacturer of primers.  Martin Cummins, Ultra Floor Technical Sales Manager discusses why it is beneficial, and in fact, why it is on some occasions essential.  Not to prime can actually cause failure, so why take the risk? 

Other than the fact that not to prime your substrate is simply bad practice, there are technical reasons why priming is nowadays an extremely important stage of the flooring installation process.

Firstly priming reduces the absorbency of the floor; secondly it increases adhesion and finally, correct priming acts as an interface between materials preventing failure by reaction. 

The simple process of using an appropriate primer will minimise issues and result in:

a)      A smoother compound
b)      A stronger compound
c)       A reduction in labour time
d)      A surface fit to lay the thinnest of decorative floor coverings to

Don’t add extra water to get a better flow, simply prime first.

Don’t leave a surface that requires rubbing down the next day; take the need to rub away by priming first.

Get the best handling out of your compound; keep the moisture in by priming first, enabling spiked rollers to do their job properly.

All manufacturers are recommending the use of primers.  This should be taken notice of as they can’t all be wrong.  Floor covering manufacturing has progressed and subfloor preparation is required to keep pace with this. 

Think of all the time and effort that goes into mixing, applying and levelling with the smoothing compounds followed by the time and skill in bonding the variety of floor coverings in all sorts of designs and under so many restrictions.  Then consider all of it going ‘pear-shaped’ because the short, easy stage of priming was not included (often with the best of intentions to reduce m2 cost for the client) - it must be added.  Who remembers this when the job needs to be re-done!?

In summary, it really is a crime not to prime.  Priming reduces the risk of failure dramatically, a fact which no flooring contractor should ignore. 

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