German Solar Pioneer Conergy strengthens its presence in the United Kingdom
Conergy Systems get the most out of the British weather

Hamburg / London, 3 February 2011 – Conergy goes to the UK – and brings quality solar power “Made in Germany” to the United Kingdom. Solar power systems, perfectly tailored to the local light conditions provide immediate high returns for British customers. In this emerging market, distributors and installing engineers will benefit from Conergy’s twelve years of experience in design and installation. As of right now, this is ensured by Conergy’s new representative office in Milton Keynes.

Robert Goss, Head of the Conergy office in England said that: “With its solar modules, inverters and mounting systems Conergy offers quality, UK customers can trust. Conergy‘s PowerPlus modules have a particularly high output – not only in sun, but also in low light. In the British weather, their attested, excellent low-light performance comes into play – and has the upper hand especially where other modules have a lower output capacity”. Conergy PowerPlus modules are all delivered with a positive power tolerance, so that the customer receives at a minimum, the capacity for which he has paid. With a negligible rate of complaints and the extensive performance guarantees, the Conergy PowerPlus modules provide reliable power from sunlight for 25 years, without problems for the customers, installation engineers and distributors. Most importantly, they ensure high output and long-term financial returns.

Conergy‘s claim to be a premium brand in the United Kingdom is not only limited to the high quality components, but also to the extensive services. “We offer our wholesale and installation partners a partner programme, tailored to their requirements and we will be supporting them on site with our in-depth knowledge, coming from twelve years of experience in solar power”, said Goss. “We provide assistance to our partner companies in the emerging UK solar power market and we will support our partners in the fields of sales and installation. Conergy does not leave its customers to their own devices after receiving an order, but helps them advance solar power in Great Britain“.

The market is booming in Great Britain. Experts expect a rapid market growth until at least the year 2013 – this is largely due to the most attractive feed-in tariffs for solar energy. Through that, the customer earns up to 41.3 pence per kilowatt-hour for 25 years. In addition, he can also consume his own solar power and can save an average of 12 pence per kilowatt-hour in energy purchasing costs. Alternatively, he can sell the electricity for a minimum of 3 pence per kilowatthour to a grid operator. Thus, the solar power system owner profits twice: For the production as well as for the sale or the consumption. Conergy in Milton Keynes wants to guarantee that these earnings are not just a “flash in the pan” for British operators: "With our quality products and services” said Goss, “we are getting the most out of the British sun for our customers. Even when things are in the fog again…“

Conergy will introduce its products and services to the British public for the first time at the solar trade show “ecobuild” in London. From March 1st to 3rd 2011 Conergy experts are there for clients and journalists at booth (N2726) and available for their questions. For more information about this and Conergy’s offers in the UK can be found at:

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