'A classic selfbuild house situated in a stunning 2.5 acre garden, in a secret Cornish valley, has been constructed to replicate an original Georgian property. Every element of the design – from the pavilions, curved walls and overall proportions – have been designed and built to a specific mathematical formula to which everything conforms.

Quality of specified materials has run throughout every aspect of the house design just as though it had been built in the 1700s. The numerous Georgian sash windows where architecturally specified, and designed and made to order by Mumford & Wood to traditional proportions that conform to the established Georgian formula.

These dramatic, high performance timber sliding sash windows and complementary door sets are double glazed to meet building regulations. Mumford & Wood’s specialist tooling allows the re-production of the most elegant and slender glazing bars while incorporating double glazed units, although single glazed options are available when planning restrictions must be observed.

“We’ve built thicker than normal walls,” comments householder and project manager Dave Webber, “which suits the style of windows and we doubled up on insulation in the roof.” When asked if we would have changed anything about the new build he commented: “I had to build this dramatic house to a high standard and the windows were a bit of an extravagance but they are bespoke and nothing else would do.” The windows are operated with pre-stretched nylon cords with traditional sash weights and heavy duty brass pulley wheels although the alternative spring balanced version is also available.

Mumford & Wood’s products are made from premium quality, engineered and laminated, knot free Larch. Wood windows have a BRE Green Guide ‘A’ rating for climate change making wood the right choice for the environmentally conscientious. Mumford & Wood is a member of the Timber Window Accreditation Scheme and a founder member of the Wood Window Alliance whose main objective is to promote the efficiency, performance and sustainability of timber windows.

Mumford & Wood windows provide the quality, performance and design flexibility that means 95% of its work is architect specified.

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