Utilisation of George Fischer’s Cool-Fit ABS, a fast-jointing, pre insulated two-in-one piping system, as an integral part of the dehumidification process designed to stabilise the corrosion of the wrought iron hull of the SS Great Britain, will assist Brunel’s 162 year old ship to ‘sail again on a sea of glass’ in its dry dock in Bristol.

Following initial research by Cardiff University, which indicated that a threshold value of 20 per cent relative humidity should be maintained for the preservation of the iron artefacts, 110 and 160 mm diameter George Fischer’s Cool-Fit was specified.

To enclose the affected area of hull of the SS Great Britain, so that the relative humidity in the encapsulated area could be maintained at 20 per cent; similar to that in the Arizona Desert, a massive glass plate was installed to cover the dry dock area at the ship’s waterline level.

Two differing diameters of George Fischer’s Cool-Fit were used to achieve the required technical and visual result. Over 100 m of 160 mm diam. Cool-Fit was used to convey the water from the river, through filters and dispersal onto the top of the ‘glass plate’ to give the impression that the ship is afloat.

To allow visitors to walk around the hull of the SS Great Britain; below the water line, 90 m of 110 mm diam Cool-Fit was used to convey water from the river, through filters to the cooling and air handling units. These are designed to maintain the dehumidification level of 20 per cent relative humidity below the ‘glass sea’.

Because +GF+’S Cool-Fit is one ABS pipe continually retained centrally inside another by the PUR insulation, any heat transfer bridge is totally eliminated. This provides total insulation integrity to such a degree that there is no ice build-up on the external surface of the external pipe.

Providing a reduction in installation time, non corroding Cool-Fit is easily jointed, has a smooth external surface and because it is 100 percent water tight it will allow high pressure cleaning.

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