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Ledbury, 29 March 2007 – The days of buying a radiator purely as a functional object are over. In an age of fashionable heating solutions, Jaga Home Heating has unveiled a truly eye-catching designer radiator. The Geo Horizontal is sleek, stylish yet highly energy-efficient and requires no trade-off in compromised heating performance. This radiator is a breathtakingly beautiful feature in any room.

The surface of the Geo is made of granulated natural stone and has the tactile qualities of a smooth, sun-baked pebble making the urge to feel its smooth contours virtually irresistible. This natural looking slab of hot rock is a striking visual feature that will provide a modern and minimalist feel to any design-conscious interior. The smooth and seamless finish to the Geo makes it easy to maintain while the slightly curved stone surface radiates warmth to every corner of the room.

Not only does the Geo Horizontal offer sheer elegance and beauty, it comes with Jaga’s highly energy-efficient, Low H20 low mass technology. This ensures constant and perfectly controlled heat guaranteeing maximum comfort derived from only one tenth of the water content found in traditional steel panelled radiators. Despite this, with its 2119 watt output, the Geo is a remarkably powerful heating element.

The black Geo Horizontal blends perfectly with marble or granite work surfaces and floors and most other contemporary materials too. Sizes range from 60cm x 100cm up to 60cm x 180cm and prices start from £871. This product is just one of Jaga’s expanding range of eye-catching yet ecologically sound heating solutions. Jaga radiators are manufactured in various sizes and heating outputs likely to suit every project requirement.

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