Gazeley 'Blade', Sheffield

The installation of the SB1000 Energy Roof took place on the 48 acre site of the Gazeley ‘Blade’ warehouse, Sheffield in October 2006. Sharp modules were used to provide a total of 36 SB1000 solar rooftop generators, each rated at 1kWp, which were installed to form the energy roof system without any building structural upgrade costs.

Generating over 28,000 kWh each year, the system is likely to save the CO2 emissions equivalent of eight three bedroom houses and provide 75% of the offices electricity needs.

The example of Gazeley illustrates the sharp cuts in carbon emissions that can be achieved through the application of photovoltaics, which combined with other environmentally friendly technologies can make a significant positive impact on the environment.

Installer: solarcentury
Project summary:
Date commissioned: 2005
Forecast kWh generation/year: 28,000.00
Technology: Solar PV
Panel area (m2): 280.00
Installation Type: Flat roof
Building integrated: No
System size (kWp) 34.99
Forecast CO2 saving/year(kg): 15.336.00

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