Gas membranes launched

The A. Proctor Group are pleased to announce the launch of its new range of gas resistant membranes. Mike Sweeney of the A. Proctor Group commented, “ The membranes have been specifically developed to simplify the process when choosing the correct gas membrane for your site.”

Historically, the type of gas membrane chosen was determined by the type of gas present on site. This is no longer the case as the type of membrane can now be chosen based upon the Gas Screening Value (GSV) of the gas.

The A. Proctor Group can now offer an extremely cost effective range of membranes to suit the GSV and Characteristic Situation of a site, along with pre formed corners, jointing tape and all accessories required to ensure the future safety of building occupants.

As part of their continued commitment to offering the most comprehensive service in this market sector, the A. Proctor Group has teamed up with two leading consultants on gas protection design, along with high quality specialist installers, so that they can provide a full turnkey Design & Build Service with all design work carried out at risk.

The A. Proctor Group can also help you arrange independent third party validation by a specialist, which is now a requirement on most sites.

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