Garador offer a full range of sizes for larger garages

When you are looking at building a larger garage and you are researching manufacturers of garage doors, it’s reassuring to know that you can get the size of garage door you want, so you can specify your garage door to fit your opening or vice versa.

Garador is one such manufacturer that offer an extensive selection of garage doors in a huge range of standard and purpose made sizes. Their most popular garage door types include: Up & Over garage doors, Sectional garage doors and roller garage doors. Plus if you are unsure of what types of garage door are most suitable for your build project, whether that be a new-build or a renovation, they have information to help you on that too.

Garages are no longer just used to store cars; they have a variety of uses including general storage, home offices, home gyms, workshops and so much more. With such a broad range of activities occurring in your typical UK garage, it’s unsurprising that there are a selection of door types to suit the different needs of homeowners across the length and breadth of the UK.

Garador’s up & over garage doors come in a huge selection of sizes, from as small as 1830mm wide all the way up to 5000mm wide. Steel up & over garage doors are most popular, due to the reliable design and durable painted steel panel.

Garador’s sectional garage doors go from 2080mm to 5500mm wide, giving you options for doors from the smallest garage all the way up to a very large garage. These sectional doors are often chosen due to their excellent thermal insulation, with a 42mm thick panel and U-Values down to 1.30 W/m². The door also lifts vertically on tracks which run up and then back into the garage, so homeowners can park their car right up close to the door without fear of knocking it with the garage door

Last but not least, Garador offer a range of GaraRoll roller garage doors. These doors are available in sizes from 1250mm all the way up to 5000mm. The GaraRoll is constructed from insulated aluminium laths, which roll up into a galvanised steel box at the head of the garage door opening. This design of door is perfect for garages which don’t have the space inside for tracks going back into the garage as with a sectional or up & over garage door. In instances where the roller box at the head of the opening won’t fit inside the garage, an externally fitted roller door box can be supplied. Not dissimilar to sectional garage doors, because the GaraRoll lifts vertically homeowners can park their car right up close to the GaraRoll as it does not open outwards beyond the opening when in operation.

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