Gabriel Polishing announces the opening of their new French polishing workshop in Edinburgh.

Attention All Architects, Joiners, Glazers, Kitchen Manufacturers, Door and Window Manufacturers and Every Company that Uses Wood on an Industrial Scale. Your Wood, Glass and MDF Polishing Needs Is About To Be Met. French Polishing Is What Gabriel Polishing Do Best.

Edinburgh, Leith, 23 November 2010 – Ever wondered whether French Polishing can be done on an industrial scale and at an affordable price, look no further for there is a company situated in Edinburgh that can help you, and their name is Gabriel Polishing. They have just opened a new workshop and would like to extend their business interests by inviting individuals and companies alike to come have a look at what we do and you never know maybe even do some business.

Both the Directors, Christoff van der Merwe and Sebastian Zielinksie have extensive experience in the industry on Polishing wood, spraying glass and MDF applications and would be more that happy to sit, stand, walk or talk about your needs. The workshop in 16 North Leith Sands down in Leith is open from 8am-5pm and when you need us just get in contact with one of the directors and we will help in any shape or form we can. We opened our workshop for improving the speed of applications to the final product, improving the quality of finish and best of all to improve your product. You can get in touch with us either through our website or email us at / Gabriel Polishing covers any colour and any stain you need.

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